20 fonts every graphic designer should own


Looking for some long standing timeless fonts, along with something to give a bit of pzazz when the serifs and sans-serifs of ubiquitous fonts are not enough? Here’s a list of twenty fonts that every designer should own.

Amongst this list are some reliable classics, that as fonts, have earned their way as timeless fonts over the years, whilst at the same time, there are fonts in this list that provide the solution to the challenge of finding a tasty font that’s easy to read, easy on the eye, but where standard sans-serifs such as helvetica, or serifs such as times new roman won’t cut the mustard.

There are household names in this list, but at the same time, some fantastic fonts that will add value to the designer’s toolkit.

This list, a toolkit of fonts, comprising of 12 families, was put together by Italian designer Massimo Vignelli.

I must confess, having viewed it, I have purchased one of them (Kondolar). I plan to get more. The outlay to have the entire list is not cheap, but I think is well worth it, so for me, the rest that I don’t already have are on my wish list.

View the article here with links to the vendors of each font.

Here is the font list in brief:

Display Fonts

Poster Bodoni

Neo Deco

Cumulus & Foam


Eames Black Stencil

Serif Fonts


Mrs Eaves


Modern No 20


Sans Serif Fonts

AG Book Rounded

Franklin Gothic

ARS Maquette

Wagner Condensed


Slab Serif


Black Sabbath





To finish off, here’s a link to the same site for 20 font pairings. Enjoy!


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