20 Stunning Photographs of The Mighty Roman Colosseum

The Colosseum was built more than 2000 years ago. But still today, in the world of skyscrapers, it proudly stands in the heart of Italy. It is stated as the best Roman architecture and engineering. It holds many stories of Roman cruelty and brutality but its beauty covers all its blameworthy reputation. Archaeologists claim that it was constructed around 70-72 AD but within 8 years of its construction the great fire of Rome devastated it. But the fire couldn’t destroy its beauty. It is still one of the most beautiful monuments of the world. It is also termed as the most photographed monuments of the world. It is not an easy task to photograph the mighty Colosseum and to capture it in its most beautiful form but photographers around the world took it as a challenge and photographed it. Some of the hand-picked photographs of the Colosseum are presented below. Take a look!       We hope you have enjoyed the post.


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