30 Most Creative “About US” Pages

About Us pages can be very important to a business. It allows customers to feel more connected to the company, being able to match faces to the operations. This in turn builds trust, and can bring in more business. With that said, putting though into this section of the website is very important. Check out some tips given by inspireyourway, and also a compilation of creative about us pages by clicking view source at the bottom of this article!


Why we think it’s important to build creative About US pages and feature the photos of staff members on them:

  • This approach builds trust between clients and web designers/developers
  • Having photos of people who work at your company on the homepage makes your company site more friendly, more inviting
  •  If you feature funny pictures, you’ll make your corporate site more positive and more memorable

As you will see from the examples below there are plenty of options to make your About Us page stand out: a group photo, cute personal photos, unusual design of the page, etc.

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