35+ awesome and free @font-face kits

With the right fonts, we can do anything, and create anything.

Fonts help portray a mood or emotion. Your font choice can make or break your designs, so you must careful in choosing the right one. Typography matters not just because it looks good, but because what’s being said is extremely important.

Typography in web design is becoming huge. We can now embed and show all sorts of fonts on our websites that we probably weren’t able to a few years ago. Developments in CSS have created this wonderful thing called ‘@fontface’. It basically allows you to use many decorative fonts you wouldn’t be able to use online.

For those of you tired of the typical Arial or Georgia fonts, you’re going to like this. Today, we’re coming to you with 30 of the best @fontface kits to bring a little pizzazz to your website. Whether you want to add something to your headers or your body text, there’s probably something for you. So let’s get to the goods.

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