7 Tips for a Conversion-Friendly eCommerce Site

Most retail and eCommerce sites report an average conversion rate of 3 percent, according to Search Marketing Standard. Conversion rates are the primary metric by which your eCommerce site will be judged, and even if you’re already getting good conversion rates there is always room for improvement. The conversion rate of a site is the amount of visitors that actually go on to buy a product or service.

Responsive Design Isn’t Optional

SmartInsights shows that the conversion rates for tablet users have recently surpassed the conversion rates for traditional computer users. This is a monumental shift in consumer habits. If you want your eCommerce site to be successful, you need to make sure that every part of your shopping process is optimized for both traditional computer systems and mobile tablets.

Get a Professional Web Design

Don’t satisfy yourself with a turnkey website design purchased from your hosting provider. If you truly want to pull in the buyers, you need to have a custom website design by a professional. Your Web design needs to highlight your products in a specific and substantial way and requires strong calls to action, notes The Whir.

Get the Right Info

Lead acquisition and retention is an excellent way for you to convert visitors that might be on the fence. You can allow your users to sign up for more information either through the mail or via the web. Once you have contact information, which can be verified through a solution such as QAS CASS, you can work on converting your clients on a one-on-one basis.

Hosting Matters

Some 32% of consumers will leave a sluggish website within five seconds, reports The Guardian. If your hosting service provider is sluggish and your pages take a long time to load, you may have already lost a sale. You can also shorten your page loading times by optimizing your images and cleaning up your website’s code.

Note Your Demographics

The demographic information generated by your website means something. You may not realize that a core demographic of your website is in a specific country or visits your website at specific times. You should check this information regularly and adapt accordingly.

Product Videos Move Inventory

Many eCommerce sites are discovering that product videos can significantly increase their conversion rates. One eCommerce website found that visitors to its site had a 144% higher conversion rate if they viewed product videos, according to KISSmetrics. Other eCommerce sites found that videos encouraged visitors to stay and browse their site for longer amounts of time.

Be Encouraging

Offering a user a good return policy and a guarantees on your product is an excellent way to make them feel more comfortable about their purchase. Engaging your customer can also be a good way to address any questions they have. Many websites now offer chat rooms on their website that pop up after the viewer has been on the website for a while. Good customer support is also instrumental in keeping a potential customer informed about the products and services provided and about the website’s policies.

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