An Advanced File Manager Plugin for WordPress

WordPress Advanced File Manager Plugin screenshot

If you’ve designed and built a site in WordPress, you probably know that the in built media library is not really set up to organize your files, other than by month and year folders.

There are many times when I have needed a good folder structure set-up in the media library, just to keep track of what’s in there, and to manage my files and keep on top of things. The library can build up, and old files will end up sitting there taking up valuable server space whilst not being used.

Ideally, a file management system would be ideal, and having found one, I thought I would share it with you. Today I will show you a premium, but inexpensive plugin called WordPress Advanced File Manager.



Easy to use, the WordPress Advanced File Manager plugin enables users to organize their files into folders, sub-folders and restrict user access via an intuitive window style GUI directly from the WordPress dashboard.

Core Features of the WordPress Advanced File Manager plugin

  • File Management
  • Cross Browser
  • Image Editor
  • Windows Style GUI
  • Folder Access Control
  • Users Access Control

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