An “amazing” drawing of a maze – the result of a 7 year creative passion. Drawn by a Janitor 30 years ago.

  • 34 inches by 23 inches in size.
  • The result of 7 years of work by a university janitor in Japan.
  • Drawn over 30 years ago.

This is an amazing piece of creativity, and shows a very personal view of the mind of this person. It truly is a work of art, and apparently the maze cannot be solved (or rather no one has been able to solve it yet). The artist is a university janitor, and it’s clear to me that this was a passionate project this man worked on to let his creative side flourish. I know as a child I used to create all kinds of projects for myself that involved drawing, sometimes projects that to the observer would seem fruitless. However, when you’re talented, and have a passion for something, and a determined nature to drive that create passion to produce a result that is truly personal, then the results can be outstanding. That is what this man appears to have done.

I’m sure whilst producing this, there was no real end goal, or overall plan – it purely is the result of creative freedom. I can’t for the artist or what motivated him, only speculate – but as a highly creative person myself, I can guess, and I know that a personal project driven by passion can really produce something fantastic. In short, this is a piece of art in the true sense.  The mind of her father is truly clever, and shows a real sense of clear visual thinking. I suspect (being creative myself) that his thinking is on a 3D level when problem solving.

According to many online sources, the artist doesn’t seek any recognition for what he’s done. This suggests this was done purely for the sake of it. Any why not? When something makes you happy and is fulfilling, that’s good enough!

It was uncovered recently by the daughter of the man behind it, found stored away. This is an amazingly details piece of work, and is regarded as a real piece of art. The daughter (twitter user @Kay74) has created a version of it to be printed.


Papa's Maze by Japanese Janitor

You can read more about it here:

It also possible to buy a copy of it here (there’s a 3 week back order according to this site!):

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Janitor's maza drawing close-up Intricate maze drawing that took a janitor 7 years to complete Intricate maze drawing that took a janitor 7 years to complete



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