Apple releases new Ipad Air & Retina Ipad Mini

With Apple’s latest keynote event this fall, the company announced to new products in the tablet range: Ipad Air & the Retina Ipad Mini.


Image: iPad Air vs iPad – Source: Digital Versus


The name given to these products almost reveals everything; With the Air obviously suggesting a lighter updated model, the newly revamped Ipad also has other updated features:

  • The 9.7in (24.6cm) tablet is 7.5mm (0.3in) thin
  • Weighs 1lb (469g) as opposed to 1.4lb from its predesccor. (Apple claims the lightest tablet on the market)
  • A7 & M7 Chip (Same found in iphone 5S)

Design wise, the Ipad Air and its thin, lightweight status makes a great tablet ergonomically, allowing use of the device without strain during long use. As an upgrade however, we don’t believe it is necessary, but for first time users its a good place to start.

ipad air ad-578-80

The Ipad Mini received less upgrades:

The headline feature being the retina  2048 by 1536 pixels display.




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