4 Tips to Design Your Mobilegeddon Based Responsive Website

With mobilegeddon out in the open, you need to design your website in a more responsive and mobilegeddon friendly format. This will help you get connected with the mobile friendly customers, and improve the conversions. While it is important to make your website mobile friendly, it is also important ensure it fulfills the business requirement […]

How to Manage the Backend Functionality of Your Magento Store?

Helper contains the necessary functions for you; you can call in a helper from anywhere. An example of helper is as below $helper = Mage::helper(‘monhelper’); The call can be related to $helper = Mage::helper(‘monhelper/data’); Let’s create a helper file You will need to declare the helper in the config file in your Magento core. Configure […]

6 Excellent Reasons Magento Enterprise Should be Your E-Commerce Platform

When you ask an enterprise or a business venture how enterprise platform helped them, they would mention increased number of visitors, increased acquisition and conversions as well as a huge surge in mobile traffic as some of the points. Enterprise edition, as your e-commerce platform, will help acquire new customers while retaining the old ones. […]

How to Programmatically Create a Dropdown Login for your Magento Store?

How to Programmatically Create a Dropdown Login for your Magento Store?

If you want to improve the interface of your Magento store, then you must include the dropdown login form. This would help create an interactive base for your consumers, and offer convenience too! Let’s see how you can include the form programmatically. Go to app/design/frontend/base/default/layout/customer.xml and add the code below <customer_logged_out> <!—<reference name=”right”> <block type=”customer/form_login” […]