WordPress: It’s time to get serious about your site’s security

WordPress Security

The people at WPMU have added some excellent articles to their blog covering security with WordPress sites. Below is a summary pick of articles that you can read more about on their blog. Enjoy! WordPress Security: The Ultimate Guide Like most website owners, security was never top of my priorities. It was only when one […]

A Collection of resources for graphic & web designers and developers

Web Design Stack | Design and development resources: Admarks Design & Creative Blog

Here’s a great collection of resources for graphic designers, web designers and developers, which has been put together at the Web Design Stack website. Useful to have on file, there are resources for web fonts, icon fonts, image and graphic editors, image compressors, wireframes and prototyping and stock images. For developers, a list of text […]



As designers, we all know that we need EPS files of logos for vector scalability. Whenever I receive a Jpeg file from a customer of their logo to use in designs, I find myself over explaining my reasoning for a scalable vector file. This nice little presentation, by NoJPEG.org, explains this in a non-confusing manner. […]