An “amazing” drawing of a maze – the result of a 7 year creative passion. Drawn by a Janitor 30 years ago.

34 inches by 23 inches in size. The result of 7 years of work by a university janitor in Japan. Drawn over 30 years ago. This is an amazing piece of creativity, and shows a very personal view of the mind of this person. It truly is a work of art, and apparently the maze […]

Not a Photo! Hyperrealistc Portrait of Morgan Freeman using 285,000 brush strokes on an iPad Air by Kyle Lambert

Kyle Lambert's iPad Air painting of Morgan Freeman

You may have seen this one on social media sites doing the rounds. It’s so impressive that we thought we should feature this. Artist Kyle Lambert creates a photo-realistic painting of Morgan Freeman on an iPad Air, using the Procreate App. Kyle Lambert is a UK based illustrator and oil painter, and used 285,000 brush […]