Can You Fix a Blurry Picture?

Is there any way to fix a blurry picture? The short answer is not really, but we might be able to get pretty close in some cases.

Let’s start by examining four different kinds of “blurry”:

Camera movement is seen when the camera moves while the picture is taken. Even if the camera movement is imperceptible to you, that doesn’t mean it won’t register in the camera. Not all camera movement is accidental or a mistake. Panning is a form of deliberate camera movement in which you follow a moving subject to keep it in the frame.

Subject movement is when static portions of the image, such as the background, come out sharp while moving portions are blurred. When it’s done for artistic effect the results can actually be quite beautiful.

Focus problems are another common cause for blur. A careful look at the photo below will reveal that the point of perfect focus is actually on the cat’s back. This mean its eyes are technically out of focus.

Diffraction comes in more than one form. First, with the aperture stopped down to an extreme degree (i.e. f22), the rays of light have to bend so far to get through the tiny opening that it degrades the overall sharpness of the photo.

Secondly, cheap lenses may cause diffraction through their poor quality. Holga cameras have developed a cult following for this very reason.

Lastly, fouling on the lens like dirt, oil, salt spray, fog, or condensation can soften your image, too.

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