SEO For Photographers Part 3: 5 Great Link Building Strategies

Source: By Nigel Merrick   Although paying attention to your on-site search engine optimization is important, and it’s vital to select and use the right keywords for your photography business (see “SEO For Photographers, Part 2: Where To Use Your Keywords“), that only accounts for around 25% of the factors involved in your search engine ranking […] helps you create beautiful infographics

Competing with services like, calls itself the “world’s most popular infographic creator.” Since debuting in February 2012 to help anyone quickly create infographics with pre-designed themes, is now launching version 1.0 at TNW Conference Europe 2013 with new “pro” features: downloadable infographics, privacy controls and additional themes. says its users have made nearly 700,000 infographics, adding more than 100,000 every month. The startup claims there […]

In From The Cold: Find A Slot For Every Content With Off-Canvas Layouts

As a web designer you face challenges constantly. But the evolution of mobile devices multiplies the challenges you have to cope with. Placing texts, images, navigation, sidebars, headers and what not on a desktop-sized browser-window is hard enough in terms of creativity and information architecture. Doing the same on a mobile device is close to […]

A Collection Of Neat Form Designs That Could Fit In A Modern Website

Creating a cool and modern form may seem a simple thing when thinking about it but in some cases, the situation changes when you actually start to design and implement it in the overall site design. For those nasty situations I have made this collection of form designs created by various designers having various styles. […]