Key Reasons Why PHP Should be Developer’s Choice in 2016

Key Reasons Why PHP Should be Developer’s Choice in 2016

There has been a rise in the technologies that aid in offering better internet connectivity. But, despite the rise in the numerous technologies, PHP remains developer’s choice of platform. This well interpreted scripting language helps build websites that suit your needs. It is extremely compatible with Windows and UNIX based systems. You can easily use […]

Why Go Agile with Mobile App Development?

Mobile application development is a complex and complicated process, specifically from the development cycle perspective. Yes, you can easily put together the different pages, put up an interactive interface, and define intuitiveness. But, that’s not the end of the mobile app development process. Your app development begins after you have created one. You need to […]

What Teens Really Think of Social Media

Image by Vandelay Designs It’s estimated that 92% of American teens access the internet daily according to Pew Research Center. With smart phones becoming commonplace (nearly 75% of teens have access to one), it’s not surprising that they stay connected to their friends via social platforms. While it’s interesting to have this statistical data, I found this article on Medium by 19-yr-old […]