Taking Inspiration From Other Sites To Optimize Your Online Store

Have you been searching for ways to increase the average time and money that a visitor spends on your e-store? One best way to do so requires taking inspiration from non-related industries. When looking at websites of such industries, you can gain useful insight about what exactly online surfers expect from a website that sells […]

Why You Need to Create a Multi-vendor Online Store and How?

Managing inventories, product descriptions, regular updates, etc. can be a burdensome task for e-commerce owners running large-size online stores. But, creating a multi-vendor marketplace can relieve you from the stress associated with handling the aspects of an e-store. When it comes to setting up such a marketplace, WordPress proves to be the most befitting choice. […]

5 Factors to Consider When Creating Graphics For Mobile Devices

As you know, new mobile devices are being developed and released quite frequently. And designing effective graphics for each of the newly developed mobile device can be challenging. Besides, designing graphics for mobile devices is a lot different from desktop devices. And thus, it becomes needful for web designers to understand the complexities they need […]

40 Effective Examples of Website Design Using Full Screen Video

With the growth of popularity of broadband and faster internet, along with wide screen and large screen monitors, designers have much more freedom and can use more creativity for their designs, and that has included the use of full screen videos as an introduction, a background or the main presentation of the site. So today we have […]