Develop your Magento Store in Multiple Languages with Magento Translate System

Develop your Magento Store in Multiple Languages with Magento Translate System

If you want a single website (read store) to appear in multiple languages while using Magento, Magento translate system is your answer. You can have a new store view or setup a new store to incorporate this system. Go to System>Manage Stores>Create new store/store view/website Here go to system>configuration>general>locale and then set the language you […]

How to Set-up File System Permissions and Ownerships for WordPress?

Security of your website is of utmost importance! It is a critical parameter that will keep all the trouble makers at bay. Whenever you think of security, the first thing that comes to your mind would be a security plug-in probably. Nobody gives a second thought to file system permissions and ownership settings, which are […]

Top Twenty WP Plugins

Last week I attended the first Word Camp WordPress Conference in Brisbane. It was a great weekend full of inspiration and ideas. Selina Power, creative director and principal of Super Power Digital gave us her top twenty WordPress plugins recommendations. Check to see how many of these you have on your website: 1. WordFence for security. There’s […]

Integrate Bootstrap Navbar to Speed-up WordPress Theme Development

There are many instances when you want to speed-up the theme development process, and look out for ways to do it. One of the easiest methods to speed-up theme development is including bootstrap components to your wordpress theme. Here you will learn how to integrate bootstrap navbar in your WordPress theme to speed-up the overall […]