Customize the look and feel of your Twitter Bootstrap using Bootstrap ThemeRoller!

We’ve found a useful tool to customize your twitter bootstrap, allowing you to change the look and feel & the whole experience of twitter. Here is what the tool does: It has a very user friendly interface that helps the users to select any color, size, font etc for their application. Bootstrap ThemeRoller lets you […]

Fonts And Colors That Drive The World’s Leaders: An Infographic

A featured post coming from inspire your way; an interesting infographic about fonts & colours that drive the world’s leaders. Be sure to click back to the source to view the full article! A new infographic on the study of top-brand logos reveals some interesting similarities and differences in their design styles. First and foremost […]

25 Attractive Beverage Website Designs

Another featured article coming from Web Design Fact, 25 Beverage related website designs for your inspiration!   Recently we’ve showcased a collection of flat design websites that incorporated flat but stunning color schemes and well thought typography elements. Today is a beverage-related website designs that are rich in various creative elements as well elegance, neatness, […]