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Choosing which web host you are going to host your website on is one of the most crucial steps in your online business journey. Many different types of web hosts exist and before settling on for one you should do appropriate research so that you may choose the one which best fits your needs and requirements.

In this article I will give you some tips which you should keep in mind while doing your research for a web host.

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1) Does the host provide a site builder system?

This is essential especially if you don’t have any coding or programming skills. Most web hosts today provide an easy site builder system but you should be aware that most of these site builders are exclusive. This means they will work only on the hosting servers of that company. So if you choose a proprietary site builder you won’t be able to shift your site to another host without rebuilding it from scratch.

2) How is their customer support?

Look out for a good customer service with lots of help pages and FAQ pages. See whether they have a 24/7 telephone support and it is all the better if it’s toll free. Check after how much time do they reply to emails, ideally that should be from 24 to 48 hours. Ensure their chat representatives are available for most times and most days of the week.

Avoid a host that has a poor reputation for customer service.

What you could do is email them before buying a subscription and see how well and after how much time are they replying. That will give you a good idea.

3) How secure will be the transactions?

If you are going to host an e-commerce website make sure that all the transactions are carried out with a secure server with https:// capability. Your potential customers will expect it. Your customers will take their security very seriously and it is your job to satisfy them. Your website visitors who will be concerned about the insecurity of their credit cards will never become customers.

If the technical details involved in https intimidate you then you can use alternative methods. You can use a payment gateway such as PayPal or Google Checkout as both these provide secure pages without your needing any technical skills.

4) Understand the kind of hosting

Many different kinds of hostings exist in the market. The two main ones are shared hosting and dedicated hosting.

Shared hosting means the servers on which your site will be saved will be shared by other websites too i.e. other websites will also use the same servers. This implies that suppose some day your site begins to get a lot of traffic then it will start affecting the performance of other sites too. Hence your web host may switch off your site for some time.

But if you are getting a few thousand visitors per day, you will do fine with this inexpensive shared hosting.

Instead, if your site gets a lot of traffic or you have a very large site, you probably need a dedicated server. Dedicated server means only your site will be hosted on the server.

Let me know in the comments below if you know of any other good tip to consider before buying a web host.

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