Cool Web Form Builders to Jazz up Your Website

So, your website is up and running and you have done everything you could to make your web presence bigger and brighter. Seems perfect? But what about the feedback form? You simply cannot think that your targeted audience will take the pain to go through the Contact Us page and shot you a mail making you aware of some problems they are facing. Nope, you simply cannot believe in such preposterous ideas. You need to have a nice and well-oiled web forms that can help you get feedbacks from your targeted audience.

However, building a cool web form is not that easy. A minor mistake in code and the form will start acting strangely. Moreover, if you do not know bean about coding, it could be an ordeal for you. So, you need to have access to some cool web form builders that can help you build an online form without going through the trials and tribulations of learning coding.



It is a web application, that can help anyone, with the skill level ranging from naive to expert, easily build a web form. Whenever a form is designed, the tool creates the database and the scripts at the backend. This takes care of the collected data, once the form is being used by its users.

The hosting server is provided by Wufoo, and the designer simply needs to sign up and go ahead with the form creation. The complete process does not take more than a few minutes.


Google Docs

Anything from Google, and the users are bound to get excited. This works seamlessly well with the other Google applications. This form builder targets the audiences’ feedback, and has seven standard formats to choose from. These can range from simple Yes/No to the multiple choice questions, and the questions can be formulated at the end of design format selection. All the responses are recorded by Google, and can be used for analytical purposes, for which again Google comes in handy.


This is a good news for the users of WordPress, TypePad, BatchBook, Zendesk and FreshBooks. It is one of the most connected and integrated form builder. Along with these third-party integrations, it has an easy drag-and-drop interface for building a customized form.

There is a 14-day trial period free of cost. And then, there is a considerable amount of database allocation at very attractive monthly rates. The basic plan itself comes with a decent amount of database and a few forms for flexibility. If satisfied, the customer can upgrade to a higher plan with better options.



Targets those, who are after e-commerce. Payment Integration is available for all plans, including the free version, that is most basic. The payment tool of the choice is simply chosen, dragged an dropped, and the integration wizard in the application goes through a series of processes to set up the payment method. PayPal, Authorize.Net and Google Checkout are very easily integrated using JotForm. When we were building web form for the PVC banner section of our website – DBP, we used this form builder and it worked pretty well for us.

With the increase in the data storage, there are various plans available to chose from. Compared to the cost involved, the tool provides fantastic options, which seems a must grab deal for a merchandise friendly form builder.


A dynamic and interactive form builder, using HTML5. There is an entire set of options to tweak the design of the standard templates, starting from radio buttons, to the drop down menus. It is very cost effective, and highly recommended to anyone who is looking for customizations.

However, the audience for this form builder are mostly the jQuery skilled designers, who can understand the HTML5 coding.

Gravity Forms

Apt for many, but especially the WordPress users, who cannot have a better option for a form-building tool. Specifically designed for WordPress, Gravity Forms embed itself onto the backend of CMS, and automatically blends with the website features. There is licensing involved, and the hosting happens on the users’ websites. The complete design and the entire data thus stands as the proprietary asset of the individual user.

All these form builders discussed above are FREE OF COST! Though a few have the basic plans or the restricted trial version specifications, these are highly efficient and easy to use tools, in terms of getting started with the Management and e-Commerce.

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