Create Brand Awareness Online and Off

Almost 60 percent of the people online connect with one or more companies through social networking channels, says Social CRM Insider. Every company with a website needs to tap into this pool of potential followers. An offline following still exists, and by combining your online and offline campaigns, you’ll have access to a larger target market.

Your Online Marketing Portfolio

Social networks and email campaigns tap into the online consumers and their networks. Being consistent in the use of your brand in these areas builds customer recognition, according to CIO magazine. Develop an online marketing staff who focus on social media and email efforts. They will be responsible for making sure your brand is represented consistently throughout blog posts, social media posts and email campaigns.

To create that brand recognition, you must keep putting your brand out in front of people, and the typical online ways to do this include:

  • Create a company story that connects with people, and weave that throughout your online efforts
  • Write frequent and regular blog posts — twice a week to start
  • Send out tips in an email newsletter
  • Produce videos that highlight the positive impact of your brand on people’s lives
  • Write a free e-book

The more ways people see your brand online, the sooner they will come to recognize it. If you create blog posts, newsletters and e-books that provide helpful tips and solutions to consumer problems, people will begin looking for your brand to see what else you may have for them.

Your Offline Marketing Portfolio

A Pew Research Center says only 15 percent of U.S. citizens 18 years and older do not use the Internet or email. Of the 85 percent who do venture online, almost 10 percent do not have Internet access at home. This means, you still have a large market of offline consumers you can target with your brand.

Direct mail newsletters with similar information to your digital counterparts will reach not only your non-Internet audience but also creates a secondary channel for your Internet-savvy audience. With the holiday season just ahead, connect with your existing customers with greetings by photo cards at, which can include a personal greeting from your family or with your company logo.

Tying It Together

On your website and social media posts, give people the option to sign up for your newsletter and promotions. On your direct mail items, ask readers to “Like” you on social media and write positive Yelp reviews about your product or service. The more opportunities people have to see your brand, the sooner they will recognize it.

Your online and offline efforts complement each other. Your postcard mailings can promote your online events, and they have the potential to reach entire households rather than single email users.

The offline consumer may need more of a personal touch than they can get online. They may be enticed to visit your website by offering an online chat window. Schedule a teleconference with a free service, so people can dial in and hear your voice. Using both online and offline marketing efforts gives your customers more ways to get and stay connected with you and your brand.

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