Customize the look and feel of your Twitter Bootstrap using Bootstrap ThemeRoller!

We’ve found a useful tool to customize your twitter bootstrap, allowing you to change the look and feel & the whole experience of twitter.

Here is what the tool does:

It has a very user friendly interface that helps the users to select any color, size, font etc for their application.

Bootstrap ThemeRoller lets you see the changes side by side as you customize the theme enabling the users to actually see the final theme before downloading.



  1. Theme Sharing/Re-loading: Bootstrap Themeroller generates a unique url for every style you create. To have your friends see your unique theme or in case you want to pause or resume your work from where you left, just save the url and reload it whenever required. Bootstrap themeroller will automatically reload all your settings.
  2. Basic Setting: Use this feature of Twitter’s Bootstrap Themeroller to customize the most generic color scheme of the Bootstrap.
  3. Advanced Settings: Use this feature of Twitter’s Bootstrap Themeroller to customize the additional components of the Bootstrap like buttons, tables, alerts, navigation bar, dropdown menus etc.

Mix and match both the settings to roll out a completely new theme for your Bootstrap.


If you use twitter a lot and want control over the theme of your twitter, do check out !

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