Designing A Free Website With IM Creator

A new website builder for which you are seeing people talking all over the place is IM Creator. It’s a really neat product with which you can create your own beautiful website without having to know how to code. And all this can be done for free.

The WYSIWYG editor makes things easy and you can add and modify elements like text, images and slideshows to make you website look stunning. You can also add social media links, youtube videos and a lot more just with a drag and drop function. The tool also allows you to customize all the elements to integrate with the overall design of your website.

IM Creator 1

There are a lot of cool templates to choose from and the people at IM Creator have created templates to match the requirements of almost any website. These templates are of course customizable allowing you to create a great look for your website.

If you are aware of the rising popularity of responsive websites, there are even mobile templates to choose from and which will satisfy your mobile requirements.

IM Creator 2

How does it work?

You are probably asking yourselves how a site like this works and how can you use it easy and efficiently. There are three simple steps:

Step 1 – Choose a Design: each month they publish a lot of new templates to accommodate your needs: portfolio websites for designers, photographers and artists, websites for business professionals, websites for restaurants and more. Check out their catalog and see what fits your interests best.

Step 2 – Customize: after choosing a design, you can start inserting your content – text, pictures, videos etc. Everything is very simple. Just click on the element you wish to edit and insert your content. IM-Creator will then adapt your content to the existing design, hassle-free for you.

Step 3 – Publish: once you finished creating your website, you can connect it to your existing domain or purchase a new one. It’s a fast & easy process and at the end you’ll have a live, easy to update and Google-friendly website (you can even have your own email!)

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