DXThemes: Mother of all Deals

DXThemes has announced the mother of all deals, guaranteed to make web developers and designers salivate.

Designing & developing websites for clients is a tricky and expensive proposition with time, effort and money invested in finding a suitable template and theme to match the website offering a range of products or services. But just imagine having a virtual library of 20+ WordPress coveted themes and 30+ HTML 5 template themes, to assist you in your web designing and development efforts, and above priced at a tantalizing $27 for the entire lot!

HTML 5 templates with Responsive Design, the new rage with web developers and designers, as they allow development of websites, irrespective of the device on which the site is accessed such as a laptop, tablet, smartphone or Kindle. All this is made possible by Responsive Design technology.

If the client wants a website using a different CMS from WordPress, then so be it, you will be ready with your tools to give him just the boost his website needs.
The DXThemes deal is encapsulated below to give you a bird’s view of what you can expect:

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20+ WordPress High Quality Themes of which 4 are eCommerce themes for different product categories and 18 WordPress themes for business and portfolio websites.
30+ Responsive HTML 5 Templates. Be it a hotel, real estate agent, lawyer, businesses, education, architecture and much more. The templates aesthetic appeal would overwhelm clients.
The HTML 5 Templates use Responsive Design, meaning the client website would work perfectly irrespective of the device used to access it.
The themes are SEO friendly thereby increasing the website rankings by leaps and bounds.

A commercial license is thrown into the deal for making them usable on any number of websites without any limits.

All these for $27!!! Make hay while the Sun shines. The deal is valid for 5 days. Don’t Delay! Order now and seal the deal!


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