Encourage Interaction in Your Mobile Website Design

According to Social Media Today, one of the greatest advantages of social media is the fact that it encourages discussion and participation with the content providers and content users. When you put together social media posts and other interactive components, you invite viewers to engage in conversation with you.

The benefit of increased interaction and communication is that people are more likely to respond to your call to action. It’s the same premise that salesmen use at car lots. They know that people are more likely to make a purchase if they feel like they can trust the person making the sale or if the person making the sale cares about them as an individual. This is best accomplished through developing a conversation and encouraging interaction. Developing this into your mobile website design requires some planning, but it yields great benefits.

Use Larger Social Media Buttons in Your Website Design


One of the key differences between mobile websites and traditional websites is the fact that the mobile website is typically viewed on a significantly smaller device. Most of the links and buttons are accessed through touch screens. This natural development actually limits the likelihood that people will engage in social media interactions on your mobile website. But when you create mobile website online, you can increase that interaction by opting for larger social media buttons. You can either purchase prepared large icons or you can have your own designed. Ideally, you should use a responsive template that will guarantee the social media buttons are easy to press.

Because of this increase in size, you must compensate by shrinking the number of social media buttons that you offer. Determine which ones are the most likely to get you the exposure that you want and only use those. You won’t be able to use more than four, and generally, it’s best to limit it as much as you can on your mobile website.
Ask Questions

According to Tech Today, the average browser spends three to four seconds on a regular website before he decides whether he’s going to stay to read more. When it comes to mobile websites, you have an even smaller window. Many users will make the decision whether to read more based on how long it takes for your page to load, but even then you still have to hook them. The best way to encourage interaction and get your customers to start paying attention to what you have to say is by starting it off with a question.

Avoid rhetorical questions. Instead, focus on questions that get your customers thinking. This thinking could be inspired either by an actual problem that your customers have or by just making them think about what it is that they really want. You can then provide the answer, but the key is to get the customers thinking. The positive side of creating questions is that once you ask one, you invite a response. So make sure you have a space for them to give you that response.

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