How to Create a Highly Usable Website Without Writing a Single Line of Code? Welcome to the Code-Free Paradise for Web Designers

Website usability is definitely the number one concern of a web designer who’s worth his/her salt. There is no point in creating jaw-dropping layouts and ‘wow-effect’ navigation bars if they don’t work seamlessly and make your visitors scratch their heads. The primary task of a responsive design is to provide visitors with a great user experience and make them want to return to your pages, and what’s more – recommend your product to their friends and colleagues. This may seem like an unreal task at first. But if you follow some simple rules I’m going to list down the page, you’ll realize that creating a truly responsive website isn’t a daunting task.

The Pillars of Web Design Usability:
The secrets of web usability aren’t secrets at all 🙂 These are very well-known to all web designers, but, unfortunately, just a few of them do follow the basic principles of the user-friendly website design. Look through this check-list to see whether or not your website meets the basic requirements of what we call usability:

  • Your website navigation is simple and straightforward.
  • Your design is maximally simplified and neat.
  • Your design looks professionally.
  • You’re consistent in terms of your web design (you use the same graphic solutions for all your pages).
  • Your links can be told from the normal text (they are displayed with a contrast color, font, etc.).
  • Your site contains all standard pages (About Us, Contact Us, etc.).
  • Your website offers different ways to share its content (integrate as many social network plugins as possible).
  • Your content is readable and diverse (apart from textual information, you offer video, audio content, infographics, etc.).

These were the most common suggestions on how to improve your website’s usability. Of course, you’re not bound to implement all of them at once – I’ve made up this checklist for you to see which aspects of your web presence can be improved (since many web designers are ready to spare no effort to optimize their websites, but they don’t know exactly what to do).


Of course, your success in embodiment of these tips will depend on your designing experience and how flexible you’re in webmastering/handwritten code. This is where Webydo comes into play. This site builder is a web service every web designer dreams about: it enables users to create stunning, highly usable websites without writing a single line of code. It seems that all designers use it. There is only one category of web design professionals who’re not subscribed to this professional web suite – those who haven’t come across it before 🙂
How to Liberate Yourself from the Need to Write Code
If you haven’t seen Webydo’s admin panel, you can’t even imagine how simple and pleasant creating a website can be. We all know that all artistic souls don’t like writing codes and other inevitable programming technicalities – they want to focus on their creation, on their ideas and ways to express their uniqueness, rather than waste their precious time on mastering their programming language skills.


If you belong to this category of web designers, Webydo is just what you need. It enables web designers to create a website using their state-of-art DMS (design management system) and CMS. And the most important is that it has everything you need to create a highly USABLE website that will have a professional look and rich functionality.

You risk nothing when signing up to Webydo – you can create your personal account, design a website and publish it at no charge! The fee is charged only when you move your website from Webydo’s sub-domain to your personal domain. By the way, at the moment (only 10 days left!) they have a 50% discount on their Premium plan – $3.95 only (if billed annually). Agree, creating websites has never been easier and more affordable!



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