How to make money from Photography

Gregory Heisler featured on a video on how photographers get hired. He goes through a brief concept that can help those struggling in the business, and inspire them to continue not only in photography, but whatever their expertise is. Heisler states:

“The business is about relationships…People aren’t hiring a photographer, they’re hiring a person…What it really comes down to is some guy saying try Schmeisler, he’s really good”

Is building relationships that much more significant than building a portfolio?

Business is based on leads. No leads means no business. Portfolios can be built along the way whilst gaining the experience carrying out those micro jobs with people, who in turn can give you feedback to improve, or on a positive note, spread your work and business to others. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t be building a portfolio at all. Continuous learning to improve your craft, and development of your portfolio is crucial in capturing new clients & making sure you stand out from the crowd. Of course this isn’t easy, and building yourself as a person is just as important as developing your craft. As mentioned above, this is not only applicable to photography, but can also be applied to graphic designers, artists, musicians etc..

Check out the video below:

Gregory Heisler on How Photographers Get Hired from PDNOnline on Vimeo.



Photographers go to extremes to create exquisite portfolios that clients don’t bother to look at, says portrait master Gregory Heisler. He explains what really matters to clients, and how they actually decide what photographer to hire. See an excerpt of Heisler’s new book, 50 Portraits, at

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