In Depth Look at IOS 7 : Flat Redesign

Yesterday I posted about the IOS 7 design based of a few snapshots of the interface. Today, more shots of the UI has been posted online allowing us to give a more in depth review of what we think of the new redesign.


The image above shows a simplified lock-screen to the left, with that of similarities to the windows phone lock screen (below).  The black bars behind the time & ‘slide to unlock’ have now been removed meaning less elements & less clutter. With these modifications to the lock screen, it  makes it look much more ‘modernised’ and clean. There are arrows which may suggest the notification centre (swipe down), and a new form of unlocking the phone (swipe up) – the same way the windows phone unlocks.







The control centre seems to be a new feature implemented which sports a ‘translucent like glass’ texture – where the background is visible but blurred out. There have been criticisms of the new control centre especially with the use of the new typeface – Helvetica Neue Ultra Light – as text may be difficult to read depending on the background used. Others have pointed out similarities to Androids notification centre, where the much awaited toggles have now been implemented into apples iOS. These new features allow users to adjust brightness, whilst toggling WiFi, Bluetooth and other features with ease.



One of the cool design features in the new iOS is the environment sensitive UI. Using the in built accelerometer, the UI adapts to the screen in parallax which gives a sense of depth. This feature however has previously been made available, but only to jail-broken devices, so is not entirely new. According to sources, the iPhone’s light meter is connected to the icons & background, adjusting light levels where appropriate.



original (4)


The colours used for the stock apps/icons are bright pallet colours, which there has been criticisms towards. These icons ‘pop’ out and have now removed the old reflectivity & depth. In my opinion, the new icons do not look visually appealing.


What do you think of the new IOS 7 redesign?

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