Introducing Cloud Computing and Cloudiro

Cloud computing is one of the much sought after and talked about technologies in the realms of Internet. If you haven’t had a clue or you have heard of it but you are not quite sure, here is really quick crash course.

Cloud computing means saving and accessing data over the Internet instead of on your computer’s hard drive. The “cloud” is just a metaphorical term for servers.

There is no denying of the advantages that cloud computing has over traditional computing. A survey from McKinsey & Company found that 80 per cent of the large companies of North America have either switched to cloud computing or are considering cloud computing.

With so many cloud computing services available out there, how would you know which to go for? In this article, we have made a choice for you – Cloudiro.tour.access tour.backup


Even though Cloudiro’s official launch was on the first day of 2013, orders had already been taken in November of the preceding year. Covering the strategic locations in the world, Cloudiro has data centres in US (West), San Jose, Asia (Singapore) and Europe (Amsterdam).

For US located cloud, the cost starts from $30, while for the cloud for Asia-Pacific cloud starts from $40. Alternatively, you may also go for Starter Node for your staging environment.

Apart from the location, Cloudiro provides 13 types of plans, which offers different pricing for the specifications chosen.

Suppose if you choose the Europe as location with a Starter Virtual Machine (VM) you will be entitled the following features:

  • CPU – 1 core
  • Ram – 1 GB
  • Storage – 25 GB
  • Bandwidth – Free
  • Price – $20 per month

The subsequent plans comes in increments of 1 CPU core, 3 GB RAM, 50 GB storage, 1 lPv4 and Unmetered Inbound Outbound Transfer.

It is often advised to start with a lower plan and then upgrade to a larger one when you need extra features. Shifting between plans is easy and seamless with Cloudiro.

All the cloud servers of Cloudiro are built on powerful Supermicro Intel E5 multi Hex Core machines with dedicated ECC Ram and RAID SAN Storage which will ensure that the online hosting of all your company’s files is secure and protected.

Have you heard of stories of websites crash due to massively high traffic?

Cloudiro provides an instant scalability feature which rules out this possibility. Your cloud can be scaled quickly and your website will remain up and running.

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