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“The Future is Motorization: About Face Blinds, Shutters, and Draperies Looks Ahead”

About Face Blinds, Shutters and Draperies embraces the future — and for this Destin-based window covering company, that future is motorization.

“We are not your typical window coverings store,” said Nicholas Knaus, operations manager for About Face Blinds. “We look toward the future. Everybody is moving toward automated, smart systems throughout their homes and we want to be part of that. We offer truly wireless window coverings and even automated soft-treatments such as drapes — and the best part is, you can come in and see them demonstrated.”

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Futuristic and Practical “Smart Home” Products

If you’re anything like me, you are always looking for ways to equip your house with the latest and greatest technology. About Face Blinds is a company that is introducing new and exciting products in the home automation industry.

The beauty of these window coverings—motorized blinds, shutters, and draperies—(at least for me) is that it’s one less thing I have to do manually.

Security and Convenience
I pointed out that the use of curtains and blinds is a good way to deter burglars from breaking into your home.

In that blog post, I also explained the cardinal rule of Home Security 101: locking your doors. But the reality is that life gets busy—sometimes you just forget to do so.

Thanks to About Face Blinds, covering up your windows can be done automatically.

The product comes with a remote control that allows you to raise, open, close, or tilt your window coverings at the push of a button or at the flip of a switch. You can even program preset times, which will come in handy especially when you’re on vacation.

When it comes to locking your doors, we offer something similar—automated control of your home security system. This means that you can lock and unlock your doors with the touch of a button—on a keyfob, on your control panel, or on an app on your smartphone.

Another neat feature of the motorized window coverings from About Face Blinds is the optional automatic lowering of blinds when the sun shines. This happens whether you’re at home or not.

That feature reminds me of the climate control sensor that we offer. This nifty little gadget even keeps tabs of abnormal rise and drop rates in temperature, and has a built-in wireless transmitter that communicates with your control panel. It’s “intelligent environmental technology” at its finest.

Energy Efficiency
If that’s not enough, the new line of products from About Face Blinds is a good way to save on energy costs.

There are more benefits that come with home automation. These include:

  • Protecting against fire
  • Efficiency
    • Save time
    • Save hassle
    • Save labor
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased daily peace of mind
  • Increased awareness of your home

More and more people are automating their homes, making this trend hard to ignore. 1.8 million home automation systems were installed in the US last year. By 2016, it’s projected that there will be 12 million more systems installed.

We welcome About Face Blinds to the home automation industry with open arms, and look forward to more exciting smart home products to come.

Know of any new home automation products in the market? I want to hear from you. Comment below or find me on Twitter at @brianfabiano.

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