Lootback: Cash Back for Designers

Lootback.com offers users a chance to buy stock photos or vector files at an affordable price. As a designer getting these files at a good price, is serious growth. Many sites frustrate this search for better services at affordable prices. Quality is also a huge issue with most of stock photos and vector files. This and many other reasons have seen the birth of lootback. The website offers these deals at better conditions. Professional services are hard to find. The website takes care of all designer needs

Designers get quality services at almost half of what they pay on other sites. The notion behind the company is simple. The dealers that are on the site remit part of their sales commission when the company sends work their way. The commission is split with the buyer, which makes everything more affordable. The site also offers advice and best deals all aimed at reducing the purchase cost. It saves time and money for designers and offers excellent original assets at affordable prices. The reasons why lootback is great:

• You will get stock photography, videos, themes and vectors at affordable prices
• They have good relationships with the best supplies across the world
• They offer competitive prices
• All files are added to one search engine to make the search simple
• They have tools that ensure that you will save on your purchases by giving back some money

Design and Content


Lootback.com offers a friendly user interface. The design of the website makes it simple to register or log in. The designs are very simple. It contains no complex items and even new users can join with ease. When joining all you need is an email address and a password and your account is up and running. Lootback does not spam their users. The website does not disclose any personal information to any third party. To use the site you do not need to install any special software. When the company refers a buyer to an affiliated store, they receive a fee, which is used to pay customers for their goods bought. Cash backs for designs are regulated as stated in the terms and conditions. Lock back.com offers all types of designs and photos in one website. The buyer does not need to browse through sites to get the materials needed. They inform you through your email about your rewards and cash backs. To join you must be 18 years and above.

Being a designer’s site, expect to find the best designs used to create the site. The site has an attractive look. The colors blend with the background beautifully. Everything in the site is arranged and categorized to make the search easier. You will find all stock photos under one tab, all vector graphics files under their tab and everything under another tab. Browsing through the categories is easy. One click will lead you to what you want. A service is offered to retrieve your password and user name in case you forget them. The information is sent securely to your email.

The Cash-back Program

The cash back program is forthright. All you have to do is choose a product that the website offers. After every product, there is an accompanying link. Use the link to visit the affiliate store where the product is in. When you complete the purchases, you get cash back on your net purchase amount. Another way to earn cash back is by purchasing goods from a store that offers a lootback coupon. These stores are clearly marked on the site. The cash backs vary from store to store and on the products that are purchased. Other stores offer cash backs on specified goods. These cash backs do not include taxes and other offers offered by the store of purchase. In order to receive the cash backs you need complete the purchase.

Your account must be active in order to receive payments for accumulated payments of your cashback. You also need to have a valid PayPal and an email account. Proper documentation is needed to process payments. To keep the account active, regular updates have to be made after purchases. The rewards and cash backs are paid every 3 months in a year. Payments are made via PayPal are in dollars. When requests are made about other payment options, arrangements are made. The minimum cash back that can be in your account is $5. A balance of $5 remains in your account. Some stores may delay the payments due to processing but eventually everything is paid at the end.

Membership to Lootback

Lootback offers free membership to everyone. However, if an account is inactive for a year, their site is allowed to credit your account with a fee of $2 per month. This is used a fee to maintain the account. The site also may decide to discontinue an account if fraudulent activities are registered. If an account has zero funds for a long period, the company closes the account down.

Loot back has brought a simpler way for designers to work with minimal stress. The content inside lootback.com caters for all needs. The companies that have collaborated with lootback have extensive experience. Quality services are offered from these partners at affordable prices than what you would be offered if you visit the sellers yourself. The cash back program proves to be an edge over other sites that offer the same services. Designers are granted good and professional services at affordable prices.

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