Metro Vibes UI Kit freebie pack for The Design Club readers.

The advantage of being a web designer is that you have the ability and freedom to create completely custom projects. However – with all of the tasks encompassed by web design – it is completely understandable that you might look for UI kits that will make your life easier.

As most web designers are perfectionists when it comes to their work, they will often spend hours upon hours crafting UI kits that contain the icons, buttons, badges, video controls and other elements that will look flawless within the completed project.

In some cases, you might choose to find outside designers that can take care of the creation of your UI kit, but that can create all new stresses. You have to carefully provide your exact design specifications to the second designer, and hope that you will quickly receive a finished product that will work. As we all know, this wishful thinking may go unrewarded.

UI kits are an essential part of any design project, but they can be a real pain to make yourself, or to outsource. Unfortunately, this is a problem that must be faced one way or another.

When using PixelKit, you have the advantage of accessing thousands of graphics that have been created by web developers who specialize in UI kits. Instead of being swamped with a lot of different design tasks, these experts focus all of their energy on consistently delivering high quality graphics to subscribers. This library will give you access to flawlessly executed UI kits every single time.


Today, PixelKit team shares with us, one of the most beautiful designed UI kit – Metro Vibes. This UI kit is made for 960 grids and offers elements and graphics with a modern, flat design that looks great on website’s and blogs or all types. The kit comes with vector graphics you can scale up and down to the size you need. The kit also offers free updates. Elements in this kit have a unified appearance, so you can create a site that looks coherent from one area to the next. It looks better and is less confusing for your visitors. Other features of the kit include sliders, footers, and fillers, as well as a number of forms and filters.

Metro Vibes Freebie - PixelKit

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