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I’m sure anyone reading this has heard of, or come across Minecraft, the block building game that has taken the world by storm.

As far as The Design Club goes, we’re keen to show off any creative talent, in what ever shape or form, in order to keep this site diverse.

Many people playing Minecraft are coming up with all kinds of creative endeavours. Take this site, minecraftdesigner.com. This site aims to showcase some of the many creations, and I know that the building that’s available for download on the site was built and designed by a creative 13 year old.

Coming across this site has prompted us to begin a new design category, called Gaming, to place game related creativity.

As far as Minecraft design goes, we will be placing examples of more creative work we find out there.


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A graphic and web designer from the UK, based in Australia. Specialising in WordPress Theme design & development, print and online graphic design and illustration.

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