Outstanding Google Fonts for Web Design

In recent years we’ve seen a number of developments and advancements, such as responsive design, that have had a major impact on the web design industry. One of the most significant advancements has been improved options for using a greater variety of fonts in your web design projects. Google Web Fonts is one of the leading options, although there are others like Adone’s Typekit.

Google web fonts are very easy to add to your sites, via the CSS stylesheet.
Two of my favourite Google fonts that I’ve been recently using are Raleway and Source Sans Pro. Of course, I use many, but I particularly like these two for the following reasons:


Raleway is an elegant font. I often choose it for a nicer looking Sans Serif body copy, with the web helvetica and sans serif fonts as a fallback. Raleway also has quite a nice ultra bold weight version. I personally enjoy using it for most of my site designs as a more contemporary looking font, and will often stick to the lighter weights for body copy, and use it in conjunction with an alternative font for my site headings. For me, it really depends on the business or target of the site I’m designing, as I find it’s not always suitable. Raleway’s ‘W’ crossing style is not always suitable for certain sites.

View Raleway

Source Sans Pro

Source Sans Pro also has a good range of light weight fonts which I find can be a suitable alternative to Raleway. I actually prefer this as a heavier font, as it is a slightly simpler font it tends to have more readability in certain circumstances, especially the bolder weights when reversed on a darker background. I often use this font for its bolder weight options for headings. Once again, its use depends on what the business needs to convey when I’m building their website. I Find the ‘Ultra-Bold 900’ weight is great for sites that need a good solid font, such as heavier industry related sites.

View Source Sans Pro

This article presents a great choice for a further 25 google fonts.

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