StudioPress Pro-Plus All-Theme Package – last chance for single payment & lifetime updates

StudioPress Pro Plus All-Theme Package | Genesis Framework

StudioPress is offering the last chance to get their All Themes Pro-Plus Package**
for a single, one off price, before they bring in a recurring payment plan for new customers later this month.

I am a raving fan of StudioPress, and will only share things like this if I totally believe in their products!

I already have their package, but the recurring component plan they have in the works is a good reason why you should take advantage now of the opportunity to have lifetime access for a one off investment!

If you know StudioPress, get to action. If you’re not sure who or what they are, more information is about them after I have told you about their fantastic offer!

If you have any questions about this, feel free to leave a comment at the end.

Right now, StudioPress are offering a final chance on their Pro-Plus package before they introduce a recurring based model for their themes, of just $499.95 for full access, and lifetime updates!

StudioPress Pro Plus All-Theme Package | Genesis Framework

If you want to know the details and why it’s such an especially great value right now, read on …

Details on what’s about to change (and why you want to act this week)

With the Pro Plus Pack, you get all of the following for a single, one-time payment:
The Genesis Framework

All 37 of our StudioPress child themes
PLUS: For the first time ever, the Pro Plus Pack includes themes from 3rd-party developers.

31 bonus themes
Copyblogger’s standard 30-day money-back guarantee

You also get:World-class support as long as you’re a customer. Every child theme design we make in the future.
Everything. It’s all included. You never pay again.

…And now for why it’s a really good time to buy their Pro-Plus Package!

One purchase gets you access to everything, all updates, and future themes, at no extra cost.

That’s about to change soon!

Later this month, a recurring component will be added for future themes, and continued support. This could possibly be the last chance to purchase their Pro-Plus Package for a one off fee, and at a discount! The chance to get this for their discount price ended on 31st Dec 2015!!

StudioPress clarify by stating on their website that the recurring component will be for Pro Plus Packs purchased after that date, and won’t affect you if you purchase your StudioPress Pro Plus All-Theme Package this month.

This is great for me, as I paid my one off fee a couple of years ago and have enjoyed full access to all their themes, future themes and their fantastic support forums since then. If you haven’t purchased it yet, then this could be the perfect time to get in. Some key points:


Who is StudioPress?

StudioPress builds WordPress themes that are powered by their Genesis Framework. The Genesis Framework has gained a fantastic reputation in the WordPress community. Genesis is a WordPress theme that acts as the functionality, SEO and security framework of your site.

Genesis can be purchased and used as is to be the theme of your WordPress site, but at StudioPress, there are a whole host of ‘child themes’ the run off Genesis to act as the front end design of your site.

Effectively, it becomes easy to change the design of your site, as all the theme functionality sits with Genesis, and the child themes hook into Genesis where needed.

There are many other frameworks that do similar things, but Genesis is incredibly easy to work with. As a graphic designer and developer myself, it’s also very fast to design and roll out a child theme to run on Genesis, or re-skin one of their child themes.

What is the Pro-Plus Package?

At StudioPress, it’s possible to buy each child theme individually. To use a child theme, it is required that you purchase Genesis. To currently purchase all of their themes, and Genesis, individually would cost over $2,000 (US).

That’s where the Pro-Plus package comes in. StudioPress offers access to their entire theme package, and Genesis, for a one off price. This price includes all future updates, to Genesis and their child themes, as well as access to new child theme designs. I purchased their package two years ago, and believe me, StudioPress release frequent updates to Genesis, update many of their existing themes, and add new themes. They pro-actively ensure Genesis is up to date with WordPress, and as a result have gained a fantastic reputation in the market place.

Find out more at the StudioPress 101 page.

Affiliate information:

*Please note, this is a third party affiliate article written about StudioPress by a customer of StudioPress. All the links are affiliate links. **As a StudioPress customer, it is a tool I actively use and I highly recommend them.

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