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Depositphotos comes again this summer with its seasonal discount. This site is well known as very lenient for its customers. So, entering this summer, 20% discount for summer themed images are available for you all.
As one of the biggest microstock on the internet, this site always provides its best services to please everyone. Many convenient promos, discounts, or programs are given almost every time. No wonder that Depositphotos has achieved the title as the fastest-growing microstock agency. Since founded in 2009, in just 4 years this website is able to get more than 1 million users and over 14 million popular stock files including photos, vectors, and footages.


Get ready for summer! As we are approaching summer, Depositphotos has been ready with a summer images discounts which gives you 20% off price. The images are available on a special summer lightbox, so you can easily browse them. If you are unfamiliar with lightbox, this information may be useful. Lightbox is a common feature for most of the microstock websites. Lightbox is provided for efficiently managing your favorite stock files. So, lightbox is a kind of special place where you can temporarily put selected or chosen images to ease you in reviewing or purchasing them later on. However, lightbox usage is not only limited to users. Just like in this case, Depositphotos also can provide a special lightbox with summer themed images with discounted prices.
Now in this summer special lightbox you can see that the files are dominated by photos. It is a bit different from the last spring lightbox which was varied between photos and vector. However, you do not need to be disappointed because you can still find some vectors even though they are not much. The photos are all artistic and available in high quality. So, there is nothing to be dejected.
As always, summer images are not far from beach, sand, sun, bikinis, or refreshing beverages. Up until this article is written, there are 1870 stock images under “sale” label that you can download. This number of course will increase as the time goes by. But even with this number, you have plenty choices.


Fun day at the beach
Fun day at the beach From

Fun day at the beach From

Group of young people enjoy summer  party at the beach
Enjoy summer party From

Enjoy summer party From
We can see on the image below of how the discount works. As you can see, the higher the price, the better you get. So, just make good use of this opportunity to grab as many images as you can.


If you are designer, webmaster, or businessman who is looking for summer themed images you can trust Depositphotos. High quality images with interesting discounts are waiting for you.

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