The Ultimate Guide for Utilizing Adaptive Images Successfully

Responsive design brings with it a ton of new possibilities to web designers and developers, but, to the less experienced, it can also bring a fair share of headaches. For instance, I remember being back in school, excited to have finally mastered standard grid designs only to find out that now, thanks to the popularity of tablets and smartphones, I not only have to rethink about how websites are designed, but also re-evaluate how they are built (thanks a lot, technological progress!)

Aside from mastering this new aspect web development–which has been very well pioneered and established in recent years—there are other concerns that may stumble an otherwise enthusiastic rookie of the web: images. While the challenge of making most of a website’s content fit into a responsive web design can be solved by media queries and other fixes, one of the bigger challenges lies within the pixels of a website’s images.

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