Typography Tuesdays – August 2013 Edition

In July, here at the Design Club we decided to feature typographic artists and push the art of typography out to the world. Many don’t realize the importance of typography & the power it holds.

Each specific element in design holds its own way of communicating to users. Typography is one of those elements which tends to be overlooked and under-appreciated – despite being affected by it.

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Difference between Font & Type Face
  • Typeface: is the design and architecture of each letter, number and symbols.
  • Font: is the file that contains the set of a certain typeface.

A typeface family is a group of typefaces, which essentially a font with a variation of styles. The styles can be bold, italic or regular. Each style own its own is a typeface, however when the styles are combined in one set, it is called a typeface family. To summarize the above; typeface should be used when referring to the design and styling of the letters, whereas font should be used when referring to the file.

What is typography and what does any of the above got to do with it?

Typography is, put simply, the art of arranging type. It is much more than making the words legible, but utilizing spacing & arrangement to fulfil an objective and portray the language of type. Therefore, typography should be an essential skill for designers today.

The choice of typeface and the decisions of layout, color, size and several other elements will determine good or bad design.

Good typography is partly down to creative intuition, but it’s impossible to become skilled in typography without understanding the basic rules of the craft.



Check out this in-depth article on Typography from Creative Bloq where they go into the finest details of each design element of type.
Also check out our interviews from last month featuring some very talented artist who have works related to typography, each with their own individual style and techniques.

If you would like to be featured on Typography Tuesdays or on TDC please email [email protected] with your work.

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