Typography Tuesdays – Eric van den Boom

This week on Typography Tuesdays, we are featuring illustrator and graphic designer Eric van den Boom, founder of Boomartwork.



Born in the Netherlands, Eric’s talent has led him to produce works for numerous notable clients including MTV, RayBan and artist Professor Green.


We managed to interview Eric here at the Design Club;

How did you get into typography, and how long have you been doing it?
As a child I’ve always been attracted to the underground lettering and logo art on skateboards, album sleeves, T-shirts and gig posters. I remember I was always drawing letters in my schoolbooks. Finally this interest inspired me to go to art school and become a freelance illustrator with a passion for lettering in 2005.

What is your creative process & how do you come up with ideas?

Sometimes the art director already has a great idea, if not I start doing research on the subject and doodling in my sketchbook. I always start with an idea or a concept. Once the idea has been approved, I always start with rough pencil sketches on paper; it’s the easiest way to visualise the ideas I have in mind. When the sketch is ready I usually go on to refine the lines with my brush and pens. I really like the brush because it gives a lot of character to a line. You need a lot of practice to get control over the brush, but I really enjoy using it. Sometimes I trace the sketch directly in Illustrator, it depends on the job.

boom artwork

What advice would you give to those wanting to get into typography?What equipment/software do you use to produce your work?
I always have a small sketchbook with me for doodling and developing my hand lettering.
I use blue non repro pencils to draw guidelines in the sketch phase, H2 and HB pencils for drawing the lettering, or straight with a brush and ink or a calligraphy marker on paper. When needed, I use illustrator for tracing and colouring and photoshop for texturing. Most of my colouring is done digitally, but sometimes for sketching or for an analog effect I use markers, colour pencils and water colours for colouring.

Practice, practice, practice, it is the only way learn sometimes! Unfortunately there is no shortcut (if you have one please contact me!). It helps to read books/articles on the subject, do tutorials, and ask the experts.
If you want to be good you really have to get into it and be passionate about it.
Be patient, don’t give up. And when the jobs are coming in be honest to yourself and your clients, never miss a deadline, be kind, work hard. Overall and most importantly, try to have some fun in what you do.


What inspires you, and who is your biggest inspiration?

I find my inspiration in daily life, arts, dreams, music, internet, films, stories, friends, other designers etc. In fact everything can be an inspiration to me, I don’t try to focus on one particular thing and try to be open to all that can be inspiring. But I have a weak spot for vintage lettering. I have a great collection of vintage packaging that is still growing, I just love the craftsmanship and attention to detail and the human analog touch to it.


We would like to thank Eric for taking the time to answer our questions. Don’t forget to check out his website, and pay a visit to his new webstore where you can purchase some great art prints!

If you would like to be featured on TDC in the future please email: [email protected] with your portfolio!


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