Typography Tuesdays! Featured Artist: Budiono Tri

Welcome to the first instalment of Typography Tuesdays!

Today, we are featuring an extremely talented artist, Budiono Tri, who has an impressive portfolio ranging from illustrations to logos and typography.




Check out his full portfolio here & here

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We particularly like this piece of work; a lot of effort goes into producing a typographic piece like this – and it shows.

Above, different steps of the entire process are shown, starting with the manual art all the way through to digitalization.

We got the chance to interview him here at the Design Club;



How did you get into typography, and how long have you been doing it?
I started doing typography in college, producing t-shirts for projects.
 What is your creative process & how do you come up with ideas?
I have no set formula when it comes to creating my work – that’s why it’s called a creative process.
My ideas come from almost anything and everything – often I don’t even have to think about it.
I mess around to come up with ideas, then I browse other works around that idea. Building on my original idea, I also explore social media avenues such as twitter to provide inspiration for my work.
Most of the time, ideas come smoothly.
However, when it comes to the reality of tight deadlines and costs, of course there is a formula.
I usually focus on the client’s specific request first, then the general area of the request. I research its definition and fundamentals on the web, as well as getting inspiration from others’ interpretations of the same area, to come up with the different aspects I would like to convey and present within my work.
What equipment/software do you use to produce your work?
I especially love working with manual tones, so I use mainly pencils, pens, brushes, watercolours, chinese ink, and oil to produce my work.
After completing the manual art, I scan or take a picture of it and edit it on photoshop.
What advice would you give to those wanting to get into typography?
I wouldn’t consider myself an expert, but all I can say is that the world of typography is expanding and thousands of talented typographers are emerging from all over the world.
My advice would be to learn the definitions and fundamentals of typography, and its purpose.
We are young!
What inspires you, and who is your biggest inspiration?
I’m inspired by my friends (Haris MustafaMahatma Putri, Viananda Andreas and many more!) as well as fellow artists and designers, like Sagmeister.
I can’t tell you who my biggest inspiration is because I haven’t got one – that position remains open, impress me!
We are proud to showcase this undeniable talent here on the Design Club, and we would like to thank Budiono Tri for taking the time to answer our questions!
If you would like to be featured on TDC in the future please email: [email protected] with your portfolio


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