Typography Tuesdays: George Anzaldo

Welcome to the closing Typography Tuesdays of this month! We’ve been keeping a close eye on our guest’s work over at instagram recently and the lettering he produces is stunning.

The Design Club presents:

George Anzaldo


From San Francisco, George is a multi-talented individual who also has roots in music and dance, having appeared on America’s Best Dance Crew (Season 2) with Supreme Soul and also choreographing pieces & dancing for The Company. We spotted George’s work on his instagram: @kuyageorge which showcases several lettering pieces as well as street art and clothing designs.

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  • How did you get into lettering and typography and how long have you been doing it for?

I was in 3rd grade when I first learned how to write cursive. My teacher had this thing called the “Cursive Club” and pretty much it was incentive for us to get good at our cursive so you could be part of the club.  I was the first one in the club because I got my letters down the fastest and the nicest. That’s where my affair with lettering began, It was the foundation for what I do today. Shout out my 3rd grade teacher Liliana Valle.

  • We are aware you also dance, does music and dance have any influence on your art?

Absolutely! Music and Dance are constant inspirations in my art. For me, dancing and making art is one in the same. I love writing out lyrics from songs I like because it gives me a chance to give life to the words in the song. I try and make the lyrics look as beautiful as they sound. Music invokes a lot of emotions for me, so I love to express those feelings through my dance as well as in my art. It all comes from the same place in the end.




  • Who are your inspirations?

My mother, my friends, women, music, and the city I’m from, San Francisco.

  • We particularly enjoy your coffee cup chronicles posts on instagram, how did you come up with the idea?

It happened by accident, like all great things should happen. I was having coffee one morning and I just started writing on the cup after I was finished. I wrote “Don’t fail me now” on the cup as if I was talking to the coffee. It was like wishful thinking.



It usually doesn’t take me long to think of what I want to write on the cup, I’ll think of it as I’m having my coffee. Then I’ll visualize how I want it to look on the cup and I’ll start. I gravitated toward doing more positive messages because everyone can relate to those. More and more people started to like them I so I kept making more. Now, just through my Instagram, @kuyageorge, it’s gotten to a point where I have people contacting me from all over the world for commissioned work, buying pieces from me directly, and taking it a step further, I’m in talks of releasing my own line of cups as well as a hardcover book titled “The Coffee cup Chronicles”. Be on the look out for those.


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  • What advice would you give to those starting out in art and typography?

Be patient. Practice makes perfect. You’re aren’t going to become a master over night, and you will lose sleep when it comes to chasing your dreams. But, whatever you’re in it for just remember that it will all be worth it in the end. Trust me.


Website: www.88ism.com

Instagram/Twitter: @kuyageorge


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