Understanding photography makes you a better photography student

The history of creating images features a wide range of machinery that may look very unfamiliar to the casual photographer of today. A trip through the evolution of the camera is enough to ignite the creative spark in many of us.

There is far more to good photography than the ability to point a camera at a subject and press a button. The finest images we see tend to remain with us for a lifetime, and that’s why it makes sense to understand the process and how it has evolved.

Leading academic course provider iDesigni have produced a photographic timeline that details the history of the subject and the important stages in its development. For potential students, it provides an exceptionally informative introduction to this most fascinating of subjects.

Photography Timeline 1000

Photography Timeline 1947

Photography Timeline 1994

Photography Timeline 1999

From the earlier incarnations such as the camera obscura and the calotype process to the multi-pixel images taken by today’s mobile phones, photography has come a long way. Those who sign up to take a BA (Hons) degree in this fascinating subject will need to understand how that journey was achieved and how it affects the genre in the 21st century.

There are many industries which provide work for successful photography students, so gaining a degree could open a variety of doors. Working from home on a distance learning course is highly enjoyable, and may turn out to be the start of a life-changing experience.

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