Creative Friends: Want Pretty

Our creative friend today is Flik, an Australian Brisbane based graphic designer

Flik is a graphic designer, and owner of Want Pretty. She is a very talented graphic designer, however, Want Pretty is a creative outlet for her to indulge in the design and creation of invitations. Probably the best way to find out how Want Pretty came about is to hear it from Flik herself:

Once upon a time, I started designing invitations in order to escape from the stresses of daily life and express my creativity. My poor little invitations had no where to go though, and that made me sad, so I created an Etsy store so my invitations could find some happy homes. My Etsy store flourished and I realised there was a real market for stylish affordable invitations, so I decided to create Want Pretty.

Want Pretty features invitations designed by Flik herself, and Flik adds a nice humorous edge when describing her designs. For example, what better way to describe a Baby Shower invitation?

Someone’s up the duff!! Lets celebrate with cupcakes and non-boozy drinks and cookies and chips and play games and give the preggy woman baby stuffs and measure her belly and talk about babies and child birth and booby milk. Let everyone know they’re invited to the shindig by sending them this lovely spotty cupcake baby shower invitation printable.


Want Pretty owner Flik, with a cute pig.

Flik’s graphic design portfolio can be seen at her website

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