Website Showcase Of Modern Design – 39 Examples

Every year there are new trends in web design layouts due to the advancement in web technologies. Since CSS3 and HTML5, website design has changed significantly and with the help of various jQuery and minification tools, websites have become incredibly fast considering the amount of code that they are handling.

I used modern a lot in web design articles, but as time goes by, the modern that was a few months ago is not so modern anymore. This year, modern is represented mostly by responsive design, retina support, large photo backgrounds, CSS transparency, flat design or minimalist, infinite scrolling, fullscreen typography, CSS3 animations and a few other.

Of course, a website can’t have all these, but if you are a designer who uses wisely the latest web technologies there’s a big possibility that you’ll create a clean website that will check a few of the 2013 trends that I mentioned in the previous paragraph.

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