What should you know about web hosting?

Web hosting is a method by which an individual or company rents a web server to store data used to display a website accessible online. Every website that can be found and accessed online is hosted upon some type of server or comparable machine, and various companies provide a number of different methods for this web hosting. These can include free web hosting for individuals who do not need many options, in addition to dedicated systems that are more costly but provide greater control.

Fundamental Functionality

Servers are effective computers that have big hard drives, or an array of hard disk drives, which can be rented to those who would like have a website on the Internet. Every host on the Internet has a unique Internet Protocol (IP) address. When a company or person rents a space on a host through web hosting, then it is like “setting up a house” on the Internet. A website is available by a unique address, which is based on the server’s address. Most people key in a domain name to find a site, such as “www.xyz.com,” but the real address is a number which corresponds to that particular site.

Types of web hosting
Although 99.9% of small business owners will use a shared hosting, whether they are aware of this or not it is useful to acquaint yourself with the other options so that you don’t select them by mistake.
There are three hosting solutions available.

Dedicated server

This is a solution for large companies that have lots of visitors and require special software to be installed on the server. You rent a physical machine and are responsible for the software and applications that run on it. The hosting company provides the machine and is responsible for the network connection to it and its physical security, but not the software and management. This requires a high degree of technical expertise and is usually handled by a web master.

Virtual Server

This is the same as the dedicated server but in this scenario the server shares a physical machine with other virtual servers. However from a management perspective it is the same as having a dedicated machine. This requires a high degree of technical expertise and is usually handled by a web master.

Shared Server

This is the most common scenario for small to medium size businesses. In this scenario you share a server with many other websites, even though you may actually be aware of it. You are not allowed to install your own software which isn’t a problem as all the software you will be using is already pre-installed/ available .You can host almost any type of site on this type of hosting. It is what I use and 99.9% of the websites on the Internet use from small to quite large.
Additional Issues
There are other considerations also when looking for web hosting apart from price. Some hosting services have policies that restrict some particular type of content, scripting languages, and other capabilities. Webmasters should also read the online privacy policy of the hosting service they want to use, to see how the organization might use professional or personal information that is provided to them through the user.

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