4 Joomla Extensions that Help Manage your Website

While creating your Joomla requires some basic skills, managing it might need installing some extensions. There are extensions for everything that you may need to perform on the website. Right from attaching documents to your post to social sharing, everything can be done easily with the help of extensions.

Here are some Joomla extensions that can help you manage the website. They will shoulder half the responsibility of maintaining and managing the website, thus making it easy for you.

JCE Editor

You may require a WYSIWYG editor to manage your Joomla website. In that case you should install the JCE editor, which has been created along the lines of TinyMCE. The recent word processing programs sourced to be an inspiration for the editor’s interface. No wonder, it is usable and popular among Joomla developers. What all is included in the installation? An advanced code editor along with a superior image/media/file handler and a spell checker makes up for the WYSIWYG editor for Joomla. You also get a plug-in support with this extension. While the extension is available for free, you will need to pay for the add-ons that are available with this extension.

Attachments for Contents

So, the content you have just posted does not convey all that you want to communicate? You may need some extra files to fill in the gaps that your content has left out. What now? You need an extension called attachment for content articles using which you can attach PDF, image and other types of files to your content and complete the gaps that the post has left out. It is an easy to use extension that offers a classic interface, thus enhancing the user experience. It is a recommended extension for all those who want to associate contents to their posts.

Akeeba Backup Core

If you want to create a backup of your Joomla website, or restore the site back to its default settings, this is the extension you need to use. It should ideally be a part of the default Joomla installation, but as it is not included there, you should necessarily download and install this extension to your website. If you have a complex website, this extension is your friend indeed. You can stay assured as this extension archives the files and takes a snapshot of the database.


It is one of the competent project management software solutions available for your Joomla website. It helps carry out a project as smoothly as possible. With this extension, you have access to a number of solutions like calendars, task filtering tools, message boards and file management systems which make management easy and expedite the projects to help deliver them on time.


When developing a website with Joomla, these four extensions would help you manage the website with ease. Hire joomla developers UK to offer you customized and unique solutions. With the right developers and perfect extensions, you will be able to extend an excellent interface and incredible experience to your users

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