5 Key Advantages of Moving HTML Website to Responsive WordPress Site

With the continuous rise in mobile device usage, more and more businesses are realizing the potential of having a mobile-friendly website. But an unfortunate reality is that a lot of website owners are still running static HTML sites – that are not only difficult to customize – but aren’t even optimized for mobile devices. You can choose to convert your HTML website into a WordPress themed site, but it would be best to move your static site to a responsive WordPress theme.

In this post, we’ll be covering some of the biggest benefits you’ll get by moving an HTML site to a responsive WordPress site.

1. Google Recommends Responsive Design

Google for a long time, has been recommending RWD (responsive web design) as the best route to gain search engine rankings. This clearly suggests how serious Google is about responsive websites, and the search engine giant’s latest mobile-friendly update is an evidence to this fact. A mobile-friendly update has been rolled out by Google, according to which sites that are mobile optimized will be rewarded, while the ones not having a mobile-friendly design will experience a significant decrease in their search rankings.

So, if you don’t want to attain higher ranks in the Google search engine, it’s high time that you should turn your website design to a responsive one. Fortunately, there are a number of responsive WordPress themes available over the web, enabling you to have a responsive site in no time.

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2. Flexibility

The second biggest advantage of turning your HTML site into a responsive WordPress site is that it makes your content flexible and fluid. In simple words, your content (including the grids, images, etc.) easily adjusts to fit all types of device screens and resolutions. And so, no matter whatever device is used to access your website content, users will be able to read and navigate the content in an easier manner.


3. Enhanced User Experience

Users prefer mobile devices over desktops, as they provide them the comfort to access the web even on the go, without remaining stuck to their desk. So, it is also important that your mobile users can access your website content easily just like they desktop users. Since a responsive design adapts itself to fit a device of any screen or resolution, it helps to provide consistent and optimal reading experience to users.

In essence, a responsive web design helps to provide an enhanced user experience regardless of whether they use a Smartphone, a tablet, a desktop or any other device. Most importantly, users don’t need to unnecessarily scroll the webpage or resize it for viewing your WordPress site using their favorite device.

4. Help Manage SEO Campaigns Easily

You can opt for a separate mobile version of your desktop website, but keep in mind that it will require you to run separate SEO campaigns as well. On the other hand, just managing one single website and only one SEO campaign is a lot easier. This objective can be achieved with the help of a responsive site instead of creating a separate mobile site. But, this doesn’t mean that having a mobile-specific site isn’t good for SEO.

The only difference between having a responsive WordPress design over a mobile specific one is that it will save your time in managing your website.

5. It’s Cost-Effective

Another benefit of moving converting HTML to WordPress website than creating a separate mobile version is that, you won’t have to spend additional cost in maintaining two a desktop and mobile version of your website. But, simply converting your site to a responsive design will require you to incur costs of just one website.


Whether you want to move your HTML site to a responsive WordPress themed site, or choosing to create a mobile-specific version of it is your decision. But, reading this post will definitely help you understand the benefits you can avail by opting to turn your site responsive.

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