5 Things You Should Know About HTML5 before Getting Started

When you proceed with a relationship with a framework, you should ideally have complete information about it. There are myths and good things being talked about HTML5, and you need to ditch all of that, and come round to your own conclusion of the events. You need to identify why HTML5 is worth your project, and approach it in just the right manner.

If you have worked with HTML5, you may have hit roadblocks, and come to certain conclusions about the same. In case, you are just starting out, then there are a few things that might not hurt to know. These are the things that you should be ideally inducted into before you begin with the process.

Just as Good as Native Apps

When it comes to performance, high end native apps certainly perform better than your HTML5 based apps. 80% of the look and feel of a high end native app can be easily captured into a HTML5 based app; what’s left in that 20% costs higher when you try to ape it using the HTML5 platform. Many people are under the impression that just because HTML5 cannot give you the quality high end native apps can, it is of poor quality. A regular or medium level app can give you the look and desired feel that any native app manages to give. In fact, you will find that the HTML5 apps can do better than native apps.

Create iOS Apps without Mac
If you are using HTML5 framework to develop an iOS app, you surely don’t need to use the Mac. Most often you will be told how important it is to install the iOS SDK to develop native apps. Well, you can always use the Phonegap build cloud service to help you out with developing iOS apps, without involving Mac. In fact, with this service, you have full liberty of creating iOs apps on Windows based machines too.

Choose a Good HTML Framework
If you want your app to look nearly as good as any native app, then you should necessarily choose a good HTML framework. If you are not using a framework like Sencha Touch or probably Ionic, you will not be able to get the desired results. The frameworks are designed keeping in mind the challenges posed by native apps, which includes screen transitions, scrolling lists etc. There are many frameworks available currently, and you need to choose the one that suits your requirements.

HTML5 is Equivalent to Native Apps
If your native apps can swirl (not literally), then so can your HTML5 app. It is important to understand that whatever it is that your native app can do, your HTML5 app can do it better. With Phonegap fired to develop your app, your HTML5 app does everything that a regular native app is supposed to do. Phonegap talks to the browser and that too in an impressive way. You get interesting plug-ins with phonegap, which makes it even better for you.

Debugging Can Become Bugging
It is not an easy task to debug when using HTML5 framework. The pro being you can easily test the app using the browser; no simulations are needed when you are working with HTML5. While you can use Chrome development tools, you would generally stick to Phonegap for testing. You will obviously need to create a Phonegap build that you will specifically use for testing and this is the bugging part of testing on HTML.

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