9 Tips to Enhance WordPress Website with Youtube Videos


Videos are considered to be a great way of engaging your audience. If you want to keep them rooted to your website, then you should use video content. It is not important to have videos on your website; it is also important to add them in a way that will boost your website’s online presence and visibility marks.

Add Youtube Videos to WordPress Website
When you are working on a post that requires a video content, you should post the relevant Youtube video to it. How do you add the Youtube video? Copy the URL, and paste it in the post editor area. Once you have done this, WordPress will automatically embed the video to your post.

Display Latest Videos
If you have just created a video site, and have included some good videos, you can easily say your first step is accomplished. Now, it is a great idea to display the latest videos. This way, your audiences would know which video has been posted by you recently. All you need to do is configure the Youtube recent post widget, for which you will need to generate a code, and paste it to your WordPress website’s widget area.

Add Featured Image
Images give out a lot on what the video is all about. You will see that images intrigue the viewers and add to their curiosity levels. Adding a featured image would be a great idea if you are considering enticing the users to click on the video and view it.

Responsive Videos
With designs going mobile first, it is important to make your videos responsive too! You should include the Fitvids jQuery plug-in to your website in case you want to adopt the responsive look.

Overlay the Share Buttons
Having the share buttons on the video will help improve social sharing of your videos. Instead of including a sharing button to your website, it is a good idea to overlay the sharing buttons on the video which is seen easily. In fact, it improves the interface too!

Disable Display of Related Videos
When you have posted a video to your website, you will see that many competitor posted videos have also made their presence on your website. This may work against the videos on your website. The best way to avoid this would be to disable display of related videos.

Record and Include Youtube Videos
Instead of recording the Youtube videos using your camcorder or other gadgets, and uploading it to Youtube, you can easily upload it to your WordPress website with the Youtube widget.

Embed Videos in Text Widgets
Most WordPress websites do not allow you to embed the videos within the text widgets. But, embedding the video along the side bar or other areas with text widgets will help you improve the visibility of your videos.

Embed Videos in Comments
You can allow videos in the comments area too. With this functionality enabled, you can easily embed the videos that are relevant and you wish to display to your users in the comments. It can even become a part of the discussion you are having in the comments section.

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