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Here’s a great collection of resources for graphic designers, web designers and developers, which has been put together at the Web Design Stack website.

Useful to have on file, there are resources for web fonts, icon fonts, image and graphic editors, image compressors, wireframes and prototyping and stock images.

For developers, a list of text editors, WYSIWYG editors, workflow platforms, file comparison, preprocessors (such as LESS & SASS for CSS), HTML and CSS frameworks, JavaScript libraries and frameworks, PHP frameworks and Content Manage Systems.

The list continues with additional resources for Production (such as web hosting providers), Management, project management and team communication, marketing resources, learning resources such as online courses and tutorials, news resources, and also jobs.

For the entire list of resources, see it on the Web Design Stack website. It is one to bookmark and refer back to!

The Web Design Stack website also has some additional resources on their own site, such as this HTML entities cheat sheet. (Very useful!)

Additional Resources for Designers

Berlin based designer Mariusz Ciesla has put together this resource for designers, title ‘A playlist for learning design‘. It delves into the design process, handling client projects, design principles, UI guidelines and style guides, emotional design, graphic design & branding, typography and much, much more with an extremely rich selection of solid design resources. Set aside some time to go through and bookmark it. I’m sure it will come in very useful!

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