A comprehensive guide to create responsive WP site for mobile users

Responsive is the new web standard as per Google’s design guidelines. Responsive no longer remains just a design techniche, but has now became an indispensable design standards. After this announcement who wouldn’t want to adopt the standards.

Choosing the right theme is certainly the prime requisite, but it is not the sufficient condition in optimizing your design experience. In order to get high user engagement factor you need to provide best user experience. To achieve this you need to follow the following steps:

Menus specifically for mobile:
Menus which work well on desktop do not generally work well on mobile. Primarily because of their large design or links to pages which are irrelevant for mobile users or are of low priority.

Responsive content:
Leave aside layout, as in order to optimize your website for mobile you need to create responsive content as well. Although, it is a bit difficult but you need to create title as well the complete discourse which are legible in small screens as well as big desktop screens as well.

Responsive Images:
Do not forget to optimize images for mobile as they will work well in mobile and thus will help save users time due to fast loading speed.

Responsive theme:
If you are opting in for a mobile optimised theme in lieu of your current theme, then do not forget to get a theme switcher to make sure that the mobile users get the correct version of you website

Find out how it works:
Testing the mobile experience of you responsive wordpress theme is very essential. Due to a lot of fragmentation in screen sizes in the market, testing becomes one of the most imperative task in today’s development world.

Now let us discuss in detail that how we can optimize our wordpress site for mobile…

Know how your responsive site works….Set up a testing environment.

The crux of a successful development lies in delivering high performance applications which runs without any bugs or errors. This makes testing one of the most crucial and highly important for mobile application development phase. It’s futile to perform all the mobile optimization steps and then end up providing an erroneous app to the users.

Thus a rigorous testing is necessary as your app runs on simulators not on devices with various screen sizes. Set up a good testing environment to provide a good testing process.

Choosing a responsive theme…..Map your requirements
With ample lot of examples ahead of you it becomes difficult to pick up the best fitting theme for your website. In order to make sure that you have made the right choice you need to map your requirements with the themes offering. You can check out the following things in order to know that whethere you have chosen the best theme or not:

Is it well tailored?
The answer to this question is not just confined to the themes design, but also that whether your users are able to access proper amount of content which is the prime requisite of a Word press site. In order to cross check this you need to find out the following
1. Does the theme allows scroll­bars?
2. Do images confine under the screen
3. Is content placed rightly and is of appropriate size?
4. Is the title of the first page visible on the home page?

Add responsive Menus
Designing mobile tailored menus is one of the most crucial step in optimizing your wordpress site for a mobile device. In a wordpress site, navigation is one of the key component for creating a high end user experience for your visitors. Thus, for a desktop app to work well on mobile you need to make sure that the navigation is proper fromm one screen to another.

Furthermore, do not fail to analyse the difference in the priorities of the mobile and web users which is quite often ignored. This is important as we are here to give a nicely tailored and optimized look to your website and providing irrelevant data in such a scarce space will end up confusing the visitors, wherefore making them leave the site.

Responsive Content
Irrespective of the genre of the site that you are on, content is certainly the king of all. No matter how good the aesthetics is, the audiences certainly stay’s because of the content. Thus, keeping it on a higher priority list of optimization. Moreover, like menus, content also won’t be aptly placed on a mobile device specially long titles, discourses, high definition images and info­graphics and
content which extends on multiple pages. The task is to balance the experience on big screen as well as small.

How to not marr the desktop experience in the process of enhancing the mobile experience?
The answer is to make your content responsive. Responsive content makes the content supple enough by formulating alternatives which are replaced by short title custom field which replaces the title on mobiles or by controlling the content visibility via shortcodes.

Are Your Images Responsive?
Images leave indelible imprint on the user’s brain. Maintaining a balance between the desktop images and mobile is quite difficult as the size varies drastically.

Now this is why we need adaptive images. The request of an image file is first analysed to figure out the device which makes the request. Based on this request the image file is then delivered keeping in mind the analysis results and as per mobile optimization.

This reduces all your burden of creating images exclusively for all the platforms, as with responsive images everything is taken care of. Implementing responsive images is very essential and doing so is a conformance tp the latest web standards.

Theme switcher is what you need
Plugins namely Wptouch or WordPress mobile Pack 2.0 help you to make your wordpress site mobile optimized, but if you are not using any of these then you will be needing theme­switcher. Theme­switcher is a device detector plugin which finds out that which device is making the request and then chooses a predefined theme for wordpress while responding. Every plugin varies in its capability to control, thus you need to choose the one which can cover up the devices which you target.

Your Mobile site is ready to be launched
After following all these steps you are certainly ready for your mobile optimized site. Even if you opt for using plugins for responsive versions you will certainly have to go through these steps.
As mobile traffic is burgeoning , likewise should be the popularity of your WordPress site. Feel free to share you views!

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